A story bank is a collection of narratives that you can easily draw on for an interview with a news reporter, a speech you’re giving about your work, a fundraising letter, a meeting with a legislator, or another purpose. By “banking” and indexing stories, you can have them on hand—rather than having to sort through your memory when you need a story. Following are tips on how to create and use a story bank.

People gathering or telling stories need to know what the story should be about, how long it should be, what medium it should be in, how it will be used, and any other parameters. (See the chapter on gathering stories.) Such guidelines might be as simple as, “Using your webcam or phone, tell a story of two minutes or less about a time when you fought for human rights and what difference it made; your video may be shared publicly online or in any of our organization’s materials.” You might produce stories for your bank, or invite your constituents to “deposit” theirs. Not all story banks are public; some groups keep stories private until they need one.

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